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 - Rune Risager - 
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Rune Risager is a guitarist who specializes in creating and performing music. 

Since the age of five, Rune has studied music and sound with the guitar in focus. 

As an auteur: muscian, guitarist, creator, composer and songwriter he works in many areas and genres. 
He is known for his alternativ way of arranging and blendning in to the music. 
His character of playing is always consistent in the work he is doing. 
Runes playing can be described as dreamy, ambient and exploding. 

According to him, music is a natural way for him to speak and communicate due to talking issues that started in his early childhood. 
This has also made him a good listener og “allowed the music to be set free in his head from early on”. 

In 2017 he graduated from Copenhagens Rhythmic Music Conservatory with a master in Music Performance. 



Main Projects
· VIBRANT AS FUCK // BRIGHT YOUNG FUTURE // DISARMER Current projects in 2021: · VIBRANT AS FUCK (album and live) · Bright Young Future (album) · Disarmer (live) · Schock terapi (producing) · Big Love (producing) · School of X(live) · Atusji (live) 2020 · Co-writer and guitar+bass on Goss - Baby Sing a Song For Me Aza Falls - Wake (producer) Releasing album Bright Young Future - Black Wings Release og Bright Young Future “Pitbull” - on the compilation LIMINAL WORKS 2020 Releasing tripplealbum Den Fjerde Væg - JAMAIS VU (udfoldet) Releasing album Den Fjerde Væg - JAMAIS VU Touring with School of X Touring with GENTS Playing with Tettix Hexer 2019: ALBUM: Rune Majeure - CHOKER (2019) EP: School of X - Destiny (2019) Juice - Blondage Before: Gadejørgen (2018) Grand Prix (2018) The Radar Post (2018) Franske piger (2017) Peach (studie (2016-2018) Guldimund (2017) MØ (2014) Bands: Bright Young Future (2016-) Rune Majeure (2018-) Den Fjerde Væg (2005-) Juxta (2020-) Live and studio: School of X (2019-) Gents (2019-) Peach (2016-2018) Franske piger (2017) Black Horse (2011-2016) Maja og de sarte sjæle (2015-2016) Eclectic Moniker (2010-2011) Jeremy Sparrow (2008-2011) Termostat (2009-2013) Rumskib (2007-2009) Theater: Performer and co-composer in the music-dramatic show “Crash” Movie scores: Co-composer for the DR-documentary “Min fars farvel” (2018) Mælk (Paw Høvsgaard - 2014) Music Director: Maja Og De Sarte Sjæle


Bright Young Future - Black Wings Aza Falls - “Wake” Den Fjerde Væg - Jamais (Udfoldet) - (Co) Maja Og De Sarte Sjæle (Co) Black Horse - “26” Sangskriver på følgende udgivelser: Den Fjerde Væg: JAMAIS VU(Udfoldet) “Sig det hele igen”- “Vinterkys” -“Venter på sommer”, “Stråle”, “Videre og videre”, “Round Robin”, “Et digt der aldrig slutter”, “Whatever”, JEG GIVER SLIP HVIS DU GIVER SLIP : “Svært for alle”, Er du helt klar” , ”Alle de siger”. DANSER - “Danser”, “Op på cyklen”, “Ny kynisme”, “Vi Sjunge” DRENGEKYS - “Playback”, “Mens solen går ned” contact: hello@runerisager.com IG: Listen